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The Daring Peter Hook The Daring Peter Hook
The Daring Peter Hook The Daring Peter Hook

Currently, all my endeavors are Fanfiction, based on "Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates", a cartoon that I loved when I was younger. If you're interested, please read on. If you're unfamiliar with this particular incarnation of Peter Pan, check out The Pirate's Cove, a wonderful sight that made me nostalgic for the show, and one of the reasons I began to write.

I also have been posting my stories on, and my penname there is Enola. If you like my stories or have suggestions, please feel free to click on my penname and leave me a review there. Reviews are how I know if anyone is actually reading my stuff.

I have several other fanfiction sites I love to frequent, so if you're interested then please check out my Links page.

Some of my friends have been awesome enough to do artwork for me, such as the beautiful picture to the left.  This dashing young man is Peter Hook from my fic "Kidnapped: Found", part three of my series.   To see other artwork my friends have given me, check out my GiftArt section.

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